PILATES AT SANUS with a difference

The focus of exercise classes at our clinic is:  
  • Teaching  how to move and exercise in correct alignment and to prevent injury
  • Strengthening  core, pelvic floor, global abdominal muscles and skeletal musculature
  • Increasing general strength
  • Lengthening overworked musculature
  • Developing body awareness and proprioception
  • Rehabilitate injury
Full benefit of our program is based on regular performance, frequency and ability to transfer principles learnt in classes to everyday life activities and all types of training. (Gym, swim, cycling, dance, climb, golf…..)

Our exercise classes use Pilates studio equipment, free hand weights and Ercolina rehab machine to challenge your physical status and stimulate your progress.
Classes have 3-4 participants and are 60 min long
The structure of the class consists of various training stations each focusing on different muscle groups and degree of movement.



To participate in our exercise classes an initial one to one assessment is required to analyse your strength, alignment and range of motion.
Based on your needs a selection of private, semiprivate and group classes is available.

1 Hour Remedial Massage   $105
1/2 Hour Remedial Massage   $70
1 1/2 Hour Remedial Massage   $130
Pilates Initial Assessment   $105
Private Pilates Class (1:1)   $105
Semiprivate Pilates Class (2:1)   $130 ($65pp)
Single Pilates Class   $45
10 x Pilates Sessions   $410
20 x Pilates Sessions   $740

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