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Sanus Body Active Therapies is a boutique Pilates and remedial massage clinic based in Mosman, NSW. Located only 8 km north-east of Sydney’s CBD, this harbourside Pilates and massage centre is easily accessible for all Sydneysiders. Specialising in Pilates, therapeutic massage, remedial massage and sports massage, our treatments aim to align your body and assist with muscle strength and recovery. For body active therapies that will help you look and feel your best, Sanus Active Therapies’ range of health-centred treatments and classes have got you covered.

Suitable for all experience levels, from beginner to advanced, our professional Pilates classes are ideal for those wishing to increase body strength – particularly in the core – pelvic floor, abdominal muscles and skeletal musculature, but also to increase body awareness and even rehabilitate injuries. Our experienced Pilates instructor has years of experience, qualifications and expertise working with people of all walks of life and is passionate about helping people feel good in their body and maximise its movement, flexibility and inner strength. Private, semi-private and group Pilates classes are available. 


our great clients

“Livia is a very skillful and knowledgeable Pilates instructor. She has helped me overcome my chronic back problems as well as tailoring exercises to improve my general fitness and strength. I can highly recommend her and her studio.”


“I have been to many gyms, stretch classes and Pilates studios over the years so I know what I am talking about when I say Livia is in a class of her own. She tailors my program with my physio treatment, so I get an integrated strengthening and injury recovery excercise routine. Since I started her classes I have had fewer injuries and my core core strength is smoking. I cannot speak more highly of her skills and commitment to her clients.”

– David

“Livia has been fanastic! Extremely knowledgeable & great clinic! Couldnt be happier 🙂 thanks again”

– Elliot

“Livia provides an outstanding personal Pilates service. Every session has been tailored to meet my specific needs, whether it’s fitness, resistance, mobility and/or injury recovery. Thanks Livia – you’re a legend!!!”

– Peter G.

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Invest in your health and happiness by with targeted health therapies for rehabilitation, recovery, strength and optimal health. At Sanus Active Body Therapies, our philosophy is based on combining treatments designed to optimise the function of the musculoskeletal system via soft tissue manipulation and physical positioning. 

With years of experience, full-qualifications and expertise in health treatments, including remedial massage, sports massage, therapeutic massage (Swedish), and the therapeutic ‘Device G5’, our masseuse can target a range of health issues or concerns.  The G5 Massage Machine allows us to combat muscle spasms, soft tissue injuries, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, increased circulation, continuous passive motion, pressure sores, and also can help reduce Edema. 


All treatments work to maximise bodily and muscular function and promote energetically efficient bodily performance. Massage therapy sessions involve soft tissue manipulation to optimise your muscle condition and efficient healing and recovery. 

Our Mosman massage and body therapy centre is led by Livia Loupis, with various qualifications in massage, fitness, Pilates, and sports therapies. Maximise muscle function through intelligent and scientific analysis with a wide range of health treatments in our Mosman massage and health clinic. Whether you’re in need of advanced muscle repair or rehabilitation or are just wishing to move more comfortably, Sanus Active Body Therapies will take the time to listen to your needs and create a tailored plan to help you move optimally.